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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

Vickys Helene

Registration Nr:
24.03.1987 in Denmark
Vickys Bea
Connie Johansen, Kennel Vicky
chocolate brown
Original Color:
Connie Johansen, Kennel Vicky
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Siblings from the same litter ( 1 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK10351/87 Vickys Hanna Uggi Vickys Bea 24.03.1987
Siblings with same father ( 24 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK03859/86 Gullfossens Stjarna Uggi Skeid av Bjørnli 22.01.1986
DK05061/86 Vickys Cæsar Uggi Aska 21.01.1986
DK05062/86 Vickys Casper Uggi Aska 21.01.1986
DK05063/86 Vickys Candie Uggi Aska 21.01.1986
DK10344/87 Vickys Gorm Uggi Agga 11.02.1987
DK10345/87 Vickys Gregers Uggi Agga 11.02.1987
DK10346/87 Vickys Gerda Uggi Agga 11.02.1987
DK10347/87 Vickys Gunvar Uggi Agga 11.02.1987
DK10348/87 Vickys Gurli Uggi Agga 11.02.1987
DK10349/87 Vickys Giona Uggi Agga 11.02.1987
DK10351/87 Vickys Hanna Uggi Vickys Bea 24.03.1987
DK10668/89 Askjas Fannar Uggi Askja 22.04.1989
DK10669/89 Askjas Fengur Uggi Askja 22.04.1989
DK10670/89 Askjas Flenna Uggi Askja 22.04.1989
DK10671/89 Askjas Frejka Uggi Askja 22.04.1989
DK10672/89 Askjas Fifa Uggi Askja 22.04.1989
DK10673/89 Askjas Fenja Uggi Askja 22.04.1989
DK21329/86 Vickys Don Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21330/86 Vickys Dan Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21331/86 Vickys Dorthe Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21332/86 Vickys Ditte Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21333/86 Vickys Diana Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK34762/85 Venø's Tigla Uggi Skovridergaardens Vaka 17.11.1985
DK34763/85 Venø's Sigga Uggi Skovridergaardens Vaka 17.11.1985
Siblings with same mother ( 6 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK08855/93 Vickys Kalle Vickys Gunvar Vickys Bea 10.03.1993
DK08856/93 Viskys Kristi Vickys Gunvar Vickys Bea 11.03.1993
DK08857/93 Vickys Karen Vickys Gunvar Vickys Bea 12.03.1993
DK08858/93 Vickys Kitty Vickys Gunvar Vickys Bea 13.03.1993
DK08859/93 Vickys Kamila Vickys Gunvar Vickys Bea 14.03.1993
DK10351/87 Vickys Hanna Uggi Vickys Bea 24.03.1987