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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

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Reg Name Father Mother Born
NO56461/11 Mira Bjarki Lysdalens Trikki 01.01.1900
NO56889/12 Tappi Icetops Baldur Tira 01.01.1900
NO56890/12 Bjøssi Icetops Baldur Tira 01.01.1900
NO51656/12 Skotti Smali 01.01.1900
NO51657/12 Ari Smali 01.01.1900
NO51658/12 Balder Smali 01.01.1900
NO51659/12 Baldur Smali 01.01.1900
NO51660/12 Hrafn Smali 01.01.1900
NO51661/12 Ylfa Smali 01.01.1900
NO51662/12 Keila Smali 01.01.1900
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