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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

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Reg Name Father Mother Born
N25930/86 Lappi Av Bjørnli Lappi frá Ólafsvöllum Tata Av Bjørnli 10.07.1986
DK19094/86 Bassi Bangsi Perla 10.07.1986
DK19095/86 Mia Bangsi Perla 10.07.1986
DK19096/86 Lady Bangsi Perla 10.07.1986
IS01985/90 Tása Kobbi Táta 03.07.1986
DK21329/86 Vickys Don Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21330/86 Vickys Dan Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21331/86 Vickys Dorthe Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21332/86 Vickys Ditte Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
DK21333/86 Vickys Diana Uggi Agga 30.06.1986
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