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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation


Registration Nr:
28.06.1981 in Denmark
Arnastaða- Snotra
Not Registered
Original Color:
The Icelandic Sheepdogs and their colors

One of the most special attributes of the Icelandic dog is his color. To embrace the diffrenent approaches and keep the varity alive, the "Orignial-Color" shows how the dog was registered, often in their original language.
The "Color-Group" shows which main color group the dog belongs to with two important rules: White is always part of the color, and dogs which are black are always registered as tricolor dogs.

Siblings from the same litter ( 2 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK35807/81 Askja Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
DK35810/81 Tyra Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
Siblings with same father ( 12 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK19094/86 Bassi Bangsi 10.07.1986
DK19095/86 Mia Bangsi 10.07.1986
DK19096/86 Lady Bangsi 10.07.1986
DK20063/84 Perla Bangsi 03.02.1984
DK20229/85 Sigla Bangsi 06.06.1985
DK20232/85 Tjaldur Bangsi 06.06.1985
DK32757/84 Skovridergaardens Asi Bangsi 05.10.1984
DK32758/84 Skovridergaardens Afi Bangsi 05.10.1984
DK32759/84 Skovridergaardens Askur Bangsi 05.10.1984
DK32760/84 Skovridergaardens Assa Bangsi 05.10.1984
DK35807/81 Askja Bangsi 28.06.1981
DK35810/81 Tyra Bangsi 28.06.1981
Siblings with same mother ( 20 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK12488/86 Bersi Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12489/86 Blikki Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12490/86 Siggi Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12491/86 Flippi Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12492/86 Sika Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12493/86 Driva Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12494/86 Kvikka Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12495/86 Misla Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK12496/86 Hrisla Jøkull Arnastaða- Snotra 06.04.1986
DK20229/85 Sigla Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 06.06.1985
DK20232/85 Tjaldur Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 06.06.1985
DK28030/82 Gløa Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28031/82 Sletta Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28032/82 Swædis Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28033/82 Glauma Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28034/82 Huni Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28035/82 Skeggi Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK28036/82 Baldur Tryggur Arnastaða- Snotra 21.04.1982
DK35807/81 Askja Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
DK35810/81 Tyra Bangsi Arnastaða- Snotra 28.06.1981
Puppies ( 10 )
Reg Name Father Mother Born
DK17487/87 Sindri Ari Sigla 01.07.1987
DK17488/87 Tjaldur Ari Sigla 01.07.1987
DK17489/87 Saga Ari Sigla 01.07.1987
DK17490/87 Dila Ari Sigla 01.07.1987
DK28097/87 Slaufa Hnokki Sigla 04.11.1987
DK28098/87 Sylgja Hnokki Sigla 04.11.1987
DK28099/87 Sikill Hnokki Sigla 04.11.1987
DK28100/87 Skati Hnokki Sigla 04.11.1987
DK35886/84 Siggi Hnokki Sigla 22.09.1984
DK35888/84 Snorri Hnokki Sigla 22.09.1984