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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

The ISIC database

This website shows the collection of all registered Icelandic Sheepdogs from the countries that are members of ISIC.

Iceland is a small country and there are not many Icelandic Sheepdogs in the world, so the purpose of this site is to help breeders finding the right mate and give an overview over how many dogs there are combined in all the countries.

Everyone can browse and view the registered dogs and get information about this Icelandic breed of an exceptional friendly, extremly clever and lovable dog.

There are 20838 dogs registered in the database today with almost 7000 born from the year 2000 and until today.

The 20838 dogs registered are born in these countries:

3761 in Iceland
1870 in Germany
1978 in Holland
1522 in USA
1222 in Finland
1635 in Norway
2655 in Sweden
4699 in Denmark
183 in Austria
10 in Italy
899 in France
34 in Poland
224 in Switzerland
49 in Belgium
83 in Canada