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Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation

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Reg Name Father Mother Born
XX-04750 Snotra frá Kirkjubóli (Vindási) Lagsi frá Kirkjubóli 01.01.1900
S37479/2009 Icetops Leistur 01.01.1900
S34651/2008 Naerleiken Keila 01.01.1900
S52957/92 Frida 01.01.1900
NHSB2972643 Lóa Sigyn Callesdóttir frá Idunn
NHSB2972644 Elsa Isól Callesdóttir frá Idunn
NHSB2972642 Rós Idunn Callesdóttir frá Idunn
SHSB/LOS 732605 Hawk's Pandra Lazy River of Jurassic Valley
Page 2084 of 2084 Number of dogs = 20838